Security at risk? New AI deciphers passwords through keyboard sounds

A team of experts from the United Kingdom has achieved an impressive feat in the field of cybersecurity by creating a artificial intelligence (AI) capable of identifying passwords with a remarkable success rate using only the noises made by the keys on a keyboard.

While initial test results are impressive, this innovation also raises concerns regarding the privacy and security of users’ personal data.

AI discovers passwords through the noise you make when typing

Photo: Pixabay/Geralt/Reproduction

The revolutionary approach is based on AI’s ability to capture and interpret the sounds made when pressing keys on a computer keyboard. These noises, often imperceptible to human ears, contain valuable information about the sequences of characters typed.

Furthermore, the tested AI will be able to detect these sounds even in video calling scenarios, where a microphone close to the keyboard can capture the subtle noises of keys being pressed.

To train the AI, the researchers used a Macbook Pro from Apple as a base. They repeatedly pressed thirty-six different keys to capture a wide range of typing sounds.

This extensive dataset was then used to teach the AI ​​to identify specific sound patterns associated with each key.

Tests carried out with the new technology revealed remarkable results: when using the Zoom application, the AI ​​was able to successfully decipher 93% of passwords simply by analyzing the sounds of the keys. However, when the Skype application was used, its accuracy rate dropped to 91.6%. Still, quite high.

Risks are worrying

Despite technological advances, AI creators warn of the risks associated with this new form of cyber attack. Keyboard sound, often considered a harmless aspect of digital interaction, has now become a potential tool in the hands of cybercriminals.

The research highlights the urgent need to address this emerging vulnerability in the cybersecurity landscape. As technology evolves, it is critical that security experts work closely with developers to strengthen protective measures.

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