‘Need for Speed’: fans are worried about the franchise’s future after Criterion Games’ announcement

The community passionate about “Need for Speed” is restless due to recent changes in direction from Criterion Games. After the announcement that the Electronic Arts (EA) was assigning the studio to support the “Battlefield” franchise, fans began to question the future of the iconic racing series.

‘Need for Speed’ fans are worried about the future of the franchise after EA’s announcement

EA recently confirmed that Criterion Games would be collaborating with the development teams for the next title in the “Battlefield” series.

However, this decision was not accompanied by any mention of the interruption of support for “Need for Speed“. In fact, Criterion Games will continue to be involved in the racing series project.

However, the news was not received enthusiastically by some members of the community. On social media, the hashtag “We Want NFS” gained prominence, revealing fears that the beloved racing franchise could face a similar fate to others, such as “DiRT” and “Project Cars”. .

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“YES #WeWantNFS Need for Speed ​​is why: I got into Racing, where I am today and what I do for a living. I am extremely grateful for that. It deserves much more attention, funding and passion from developers and publishers alike! (Hoping Codemasters takes over NFS)”

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“I wasn’t planning on posting anything related to the next preset pack anytime soon because I still have a lot of work to do, but I decided to post this teaser after seeing #WeWantNFS Even if NFS dies, this passionate community will keep it alive forever 💚”

The concern was compounded by the modest debut of “Need for Speed ​​Unbound.” The game received mixed reviews and appeared to have limited support, with the exception of so-called Volumes. Interestingly, the game was announced less than two months before its release, raising questions about EA’s marketing strategy.

Furthermore, it appears that the series is experiencing a decline in popularity. The previous title, “Heat”, illustrates this point. Available on subscription services such as EA Play, the game received moderate reviews, with a score of just 72 on Metacritic.

While the fan community remains eager for news and reassurance regarding the future of the series, the debate over the fate of “Need for Speed” persists.

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