WhatsApp on Android improves status privacy, here’s how

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Instant messaging application despite its 15-year history What’s up It continues to transform and improve with every update. It has even recently revamped itself to revamp its interface and offer something relevant to the times. Even functions that have been available for years are changed regularly. For example, we consider: situationsIt appeared in 2017 and allows you to post a text, photo or anything else that our contacts can see for 24 hours. Unless you choose to limit its scope.

Regulations are indeed a Privacy setting : You can choose to show them to everyone, everyone except certain people, or only certain people. To change this parameter, you must go to the submenus of the application and then to the submenus. Privacy > Status. There is nothing complicated in itself, but we quickly forget to change something before publishing it if we do not want to share it with the same people. WhatsApp thought about it and after iOS last month, it’s Android’s turn to welcome a nice new feature.

WhatsApp makes it easy to manage the privacy of the statuses you post

After WhatsApp’s beta version on Android is installed on their smartphones, users will be able toAppearance of a popup every time they want to post a new status. This uses the existing settings by offering two options: share with all contacts (possibly excluding some) or share with specific contacts. Once the selection is made, simply press the button Share status.

While the change is small, it’s a great way to remind people that privacy settings are available, while also making it easier to change them on the fly. Like every new function tested in app beta versions, we don’t know when WhatsApp will be updated so that everyone can benefit from it.

Source : WABetaInfo

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