Evolution will make cats and dogs very similar in 10,000 years, according to AI

Have you ever wondered what your pets would be like in 10,000 years? Basepaws, a pioneer in animal genetic analysis, used artificial intelligence (AI) to create an interesting look at how dogs and cats may evolve in response to possible climate changes.

AI imagines pets adapted to the climate

The company generated two sets of images, each representing a unique vision of the future.

In the first scenario, the AI ​​predicted animals with little hair, indicating an adaptation to global warming. Lighter and finer hair would be a response to higher temperatures designed.

This is what pets will be like in a hot future, according to IA – Image: Basepaws/Reproduction

In the first example, the animals would still have less body mass and their hair would be thinner, all to reduce the amount of energy that would be spent.

In the second set, the AI ​​depicted animals with thick, full fur, leading to the possibility of a new ice age. Adaptations to face lower temperatures would be obvious in these animals.

Furthermore, dogs and cats are huge, bulkier, with thicker hair and more fat to conserve heat in colder environments.

If there is a new ice age, this will be the case for pets, according to IA – Image: Basepaws/Reproduction

AI was not limited to aesthetics and imagined the animals of the future, taking into account climatic conditions and water and food availability.

The role of Basepaws and AI in evolutionary prediction

The ability to simulate future scenarios shows the important role that technology can play in understanding possible evolutionary trajectories.

For those who thought that artificial intelligence was limited, you were wrong. Because technology is capable of being integrated into different areas and fields of study.

Although speculation, such representations make us better understand the relationship between pets and an environment in constant transformation.

We don’t know if we’ll see these pets from the year 12,024, but the Basepaws project gives us a passionate vision of a possible future for our pets.

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