Junji Ito reveals secrets of his life and work in autobiography

The publisher Pipoca & Nanquim has just announced the publication of a work awaited by manga admirers: ‘Buracos da Estranheza: 35 Anos da Carreira de Junji Ito’ (‘Bukimi no Ana – Kyoufu ga Umare Deru Tokoro’, title of the work in Japan ).

The autobiography, written by Junji Ito himself, one of the most prominent authors of manga of horror, will be launched in Brazil in 2024. The news was revealed during the 2023 CCXP.

Junji Ito’s autobiography arrives in Brazil in 2024

Originally released on Japan in February 2023, the book offers a deep dive into Ito’s trajectory, exploring the various phases of his 35-year career.

Ito is known for his unique storytelling and art style that captures the essence of psychological and supernatural horror, which has earned him a legion of fans.

‘Buracos da Estranheza’ is not just a compilation of works, but a personal account of the author, which offers an intimate view of his creative journey.

Junji Ito, one of the most prominent manga artists in Japanese horror – Image: Crunchyroll/Reproduction

The book is Junji Ito’s personal journey and covers his 35-year career. It is a unique opportunity for readers to access the author’s universe, known for his unique style that mixes the fantastic, the bizarre and the grotesque.

Ito shares his influences, the creative process behind the stories, his drawing method and technique, as well as thoughts on manga and life.

The work even includes special illustrations made by the author himself for the book and stands out for revealing “past stories” and “secret stories” never told. This allows fans a deeper understanding of Ito’s creative process and his approach to horror storytelling.

Furthermore, the book will be a significant addition to the already robust list of Junji Ito’s works published in Brazil by Pipoca & Nanquim and other publishers, such as ‘The Classroom that Melted’, ‘Fragmentos do Horror’, ‘Gyo’, ‘ Tomie’ and ‘Uzumaki‘.

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