Nissan creates car that changes color based on the driver’s mood

Who has never had a ring, a stone or a mug that changes color according to our mood? This “system” of detecting how we feel went further with Nissan: the brand created a car which has the power to understand how the driver feels at a given moment.

The brand has been launching several concept cars lately. The Nissan Hyper Punk caught attention with a thousand features. The minimalist and at the same time modern style of the vehicle is a show in itself.

Furthermore, it is a compact crossover with a relatively curious objective: to serve content creators, artists and influencers.

The vehicle is finished in silver paint and therefore changes tone depending on the ambient light and the angle from which it is viewed.

However, things don’t stop there. The wheels are 23 inches and, according to the Nissanthis means that they are good for driving both in the city and on off-road trips.

Image: Nissan/Reproduction

Feelings and the car of the future

Surprisingly, Hyper Punk has the ability to detect the mood of the person driving. This “superpower” comes from Artificial Intelligence and also biosensors. These devices are housed in the driver’s headrest.

The functionality of this AI is something movie theater. From the moment it detects the vehicle driver’s mood, it alone selects the correct music and lighting that can improve the driver’s energy.

As if that weren’t enough, Hyper Punk also has a system that makes it possible to charge devices, power electronics and even access the internet. According to the Japanese automaker, the launch is a type of “mobile creative studio”.

The car still has a somewhat extravagant style. It is possible to find integrated cameras that capture everything that happens around the vehicle and, amazingly, using artificial intelligence, it will be possible to convert all recordings into the most different clip formats, such as manga, for example.

Brand is known for its innovations

Hyper Punk isn’t Nissan’s first completely innovative release. On the contrary, Nissan is renowned for manufacturing smart vehicles, incorporating technology advanced technology to improve safety, efficiency and convenience.

Its models include the Nissan Leaf, a leading electric vehicle recognized for its ProPILOT Assist semi-autonomous driving system, which assists the driver in various traffic situations.

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Additionally, the Nissan Rogue features innovative safety technologies such as Forward Collision Avoidance Assist.

Nissan is also a pioneer in connectivity, offering infotainment systems such as NissanConnect, which integrates smartphones and advanced navigation services.

This solid reputation solidifies its commitment to the constant evolution of intelligent vehicles.