App Score is on the rise for those looking for millionaire love; get to know

We have reached the end of the Carnival days and, as they say, ‘all revelry has its end’. This leaves people with a certain ‘moral hangover’ and, of course, there are those who are looking for a new romance to call their own.

These same people also have great potential to become enthusiasts of dating appslike Tinder, that look for people who are nearby to find new love.

What few people know is that these dating apps can be even better. How about attracting someone based on their credit history?

That’s what the app Score, from Neon Money Club, does. We know well that financial issues are a decisive factor before finding a new love, and it was with this in mind that they created the dream app.

Dating app that analyzes credits – Image: Reproduction

If your wish is to spend June 12th with someone, get to know the application who will find the loved one who doesn’t have a dirty name.

The dating app that finds love for your wallet

The Score application adopted an unconventional approach by linking exclusive access to users’ credit scores, meaning that only those who also have good credit participate on the platform.

This peculiarity turns the app into a restricted dating space, which has raised serious debates about the platform, as only those with good or excellent credit scores are allowed to use it.

To the press, CEO Luke Bailey explained the logic behind this decision, arguing that credit scores can be an important indicator of a person’s financial responsibility, which can positively influence serious relationships.

The ‘Score’ opened an important debate on the financial health and its impact on relationships, but there is still controversy surrounding the app.

In response to these elitist concerns, the company launched the ‘Cream Card’, a credit card that offers its holders the opportunity to invest in the stock market.

This initiative aims to increase the accessibility of the application, allowing those who need to improve their score to also participate.

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