Almost 7 thousand layoffs will already shake the games industry in 2024

The beginning of 2024 was marked by a series of worrying news for the gameswith a significant number of layoffs affecting development studios and publishers around the world.

The most recent data reveals that almost 7 thousand layoffs occurred this year alone, covering a wide range of companies in the sector.

A statement from Sony Interactive Entertainment, released on Tuesday (27), reported that 900 employees from various Sony studios PlayStation Studios are being laid off, further increasing the uncertainty scenario for many professionals in the sector.

Following the same plan, Microsoft announced the termination of almost 2,000 contracts at the end of January, contributing to the climate of instability in the gaming market.

Gamer market accumulates layoffs in 2024 – Image: Reproduction

Gaming market presents mass layoffs

Renowned companies in the sector, such as Twitch, Unity and Discord, also did not escape the wave of layoffswith significant numbers of personnel cuts.

Supermassive, known for the game Until Dawn, laid off 90 employees, while other studios such as Eidos Montreal and SEGA of America were also affected.

This series of mass layoffs reflects a worrying situation for the gaming industrywith many professionals facing uncertainty regarding the future of their careers.

A survey carried out in Germany in January this year highlighted pessimism among developers, with only 12% of respondents believing in a positive year for the sector.

Sony’s announcement of 900 layoffs had a significant impact on several renowned PlayStation studios.

Prominent names like Insomniac, Naughty DogGuerrilla Games and Firesprite were directly affected by this decision, but the biggest impact was felt at London Studio.

This measure not only affects the employees directly involved, but also raises concerns about the future of ongoing projects and the general working environment in these organizations.

The repercussions of these layoffs highlight the challenges facing the gaming industry and highlight the need for strategic approaches to ensure stability and long-term success.

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