Alexa gamer? New assistant skill gives tips for games; find out how to activate

Red Bull, in partnership with content creator João Sampaio, known as Flakes Powerpresented a new functionality for artificial intelligence (AI) alexawhich now offers guidance to improve gameplay in games like ‘Valorant‘, ‘Fortnite’, ‘Counter-Strike’ and ‘League of Legends’ (LoL).

Flakes Power explained, in an exclusive interview with the press, that the initiative was aimed especially at competitive games, as they demand skills such as concentration, attention and agile reasoning.

“Red Bull and my audience share an interest in this type of game, so everything fell into place. The tips provided by Alexa aim to improve motor coordination and precision when using the mouse and keyboard”, commented the content creator.

Towards gaming expertise

The new Alexa skill is part of Red Bull’s “Play Like a Pro” campaign. Flakes Power participated in special training in the United States, at the Red Bull Athlete Performance Center, in Los Angeles, California, where high-performance athletes improve their skills.

He underwent physical and cognitive tests, receiving personalized training to improve his reflexes and gaming skills.

Image: Leo Bertero/Reproduction

A AI from Amazon offers a range of advice for players, from gameplay tips to physical issues, such as the importance of warming up the aim before playing, as well as technical matters, such as mouse DPI.

Among the guidance offered by Alexa are:

  • General: “find the perfect sensitivity for you! Try different settings and choose the one that suits you best and makes you most comfortable and precise.”
  • League of Legends‘: “maintain effective communication with your team. Transmit information simply and clearly”;
  • ‘Fortnite’: “know the map like no one else! Dedicate time to explore every corner, memorize strategic routes and identify points of interest”;
  • Counter-Strike‘: “use smokes to hide strategies. They are great for blocking Counter-Terrorists’ vision”;
  • Valorant‘: “Master Recoil and Spray Patterns. Spend time in the training zone to familiarize yourself with your favorite weapons.”

To activate the game tips skill alexasimply access the “Alexa” application on your cell phone, search for “Flakes Power” in the skills menu, download and activate the desired skill.

After installation, simply call Alexa and request the desired guidance to improve your gaming skills.

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