Streamings will become even MORE EXPENSIVE; Which subscription is really worth keeping?

A writers’ strike, which recently shook Hollywood and its productions, came to an end on September 27th after 148 days of interruption. Throughout this period, screenwriters joined forces to demand rights and achieved new payment standards and fairer working conditions.

However, it is important to highlight that these achievements will bring changes not only for screenwriters, but also for streaming platforms.

To compensate for the impact caused by the strike felt by film companies, it is expected that there will be an increase in the value of subscriptions. Although this may be harmful to consumers, it is a measure that will soon be officially taken by companies to ensure that there are no further financial losses.

With this, it is clear that it will be even more complicated to maintain a subscription to all platforms. streamings currently available on the market. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to consider which platform can bring the most benefits, and thus keep it on your list of subscribed services.

How to find out which platform will bring the most benefits?

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With the increase, it has become essential to carefully consider how to invest to avoid unnecessary expenses. The best choice is to analyze the available options to see which one best suits your profile, and that is what we will do now.

Apple TV+

The first streaming we can recommend is Apple TV+, which appears as a choice that may be worth it. Although its catalog is not as vast compared to some competitors, its productions are of exceptional quality.

Additionally, Apple TV+ invested heavily in original projects, bringing together renowned talent from the entertainment industry. As a result, subscribers enjoy top-notch content with engaging storytelling, high-caliber acting and impeccable production.


Secondly, we have Netflix, which could be a wise choice even amid surges. This is because, firstly, the Netflix offers an extensive catalog of diverse content, including award-winning series, films, documentaries and exclusive programs.

Furthermore, its intuitive interface and features, such as the possibility of downloading to watch content offline, make the user experience pleasant. Netflix also continues to invest in new productions, ensuring a constant supply of fresh entertainment.

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The signature of the HBO Max It can also be considered an advantageous decision for several reasons. Starting with the platform that offers a vast library of high-quality content, including hit series such as “Game of Thrones” and award-winning films.

Furthermore, HBO Max stands out for making cinema releases available simultaneously on its platform, providing quick access to popular films.

Amazon Prime

Another valid option is to sign the Amazon Prime, which offers a number of benefits as well. In addition to a wide selection of popular films and series, like other platforms, streaming offers acclaimed original productions.

Additionally, Amazon Prime Video subscribers have access to free shipping on purchases, Prime Music and Prime Reading.


Finally, subscribing to Star+ could be an excellent choice for lovers of diverse entertainment. The platform offers a wide variety of comedy productions, ensuring non-stop laughter, in addition to presenting great dramas that engage the viewer with captivating narratives.

With a unique combination of genres, the Star+ provides a versatile streaming experience that appeals to different tastes.

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