Android: Joker malware is hiding in these 7 apps, remove them quickly!

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Tatyana Shishkova, computer virus expert Kasperskyfound traces of the Joker malware in 7 Android apps available on the Google Play Store. The expert noted the following on his Twitter account: name of all infected applications by this malware.

Joker malware, which has been banned multiple times by Google teams, regularly returns to the Play Store to defraud Android users. For your information, the malware is designed to: Empty your victims’ bank accounts.

List of 7 Android apps that hide Joker malware

The way it works hasn’t changed since it first appeared on the Play Store in 2019: Malware spreads without users’ knowledge paid online services. Joker malware then intercepts the confirmation SMS sent by the online service. Users’ credit cards are charged a few euros per week for interest-free services.

According to Tatyana Shishkova, Joker took refuge in these 7 Seemingly Harmless Android Apps. In the list of compromised applications we find certain applications that allow you to customize your keyboard, scan the QR Code, control your television and even make colorful drawings. Here is the full list:

  • QRcode Scan Now
  • EmojiOne Keyboard
  • Battery Charging Animations Battery Wallpaper
  • Dazzling Keyboard
  • Sound Booster Louder Sound Equalizer
  • Superhero Effect
  • Classic Emoji Keyboard

Some of the apps pinned by the analyst have been installed More than 10,000 times on Play Store. With the warning of Kaspersky researcher, Google removed the applications from the Play Store. However, the applications are still installed on many phones. If this is your case, we invite you to remove them immediately. For security reasons, we recommend that you install a good antivirus on your Android smartphone. First of all, we recommend you check the review section of an app before installing it on your phone.

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