Less than 1% of subscribers are playing on Netflix Games

Almost two years ago, the Netflix surprised by announcing its entry into the gaming universe. A platform that was originally synonymous with streaming of series and films, now ventures into new territory.

However, despite all eyes being on this change, the numbers reveal that the quantitative impact is still limited. Less than 1% of Netflix subscribers play daily, according to CNBC.

Netflix Games has very slow progress

The streaming platform, which already has a vast library of audiovisual content, now offers users the opportunity to explore 77 games in its catalog.

This is an impressive collection that started with 24 titles. While it seems like a massive investment, the results still don’t match the size of Netflix’s audience.

According to published data, since September, an average of 2.2 million users played at least one of the titles available on the platform every day. Additionally, Netflix games have been downloaded 70.5 million times globally.

Image: Netflix Games/Reproduction

The numbers, at first glance, may seem impressive, but when compared to the total of 247 million subscribers, they show that the growth of the gamer audience on Netflix is ​​still a challenge.

Greg Peters, director of product development at Netflix, issued a reassuring statement, stating that the current performance of the Netflix division games is in line with the company’s plans.

He highlighted that expanding into a new sector may require time to consolidate and that this process is in line with what the company has observed in other areas of growth.

While the current numbers may seem modest, many analysts believe that Netflix has the potential to become a formidable competitor in the gaming market. Their vast subscriber base and content creation experience can translate into a unique and engaging gaming offering.

The gaming industry is highly competitive, and the Netflix is aware that building a loyal audience takes time.

Meanwhile, game lovers can look forward to a growing and diverse selection of ever-evolving titles as Netflix seeks to strengthen its position in the gaming market.

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