Selective noses: study reveals that we choose friends by smell

To the friendships They are like rays of sunlight that illuminate our lives, but what really unites souls behind this magical connection? Surprisingly, the answer may lie in the least obvious sense: smell.

Many have felt that instant affinity when looking into a colleague’s eyes, triggering an immediate curiosity for a conversation.

This attraction is often attributed to chemistry that goes beyond romantic relationships, a rapport that deepens over time, revealing itself as a true connection of souls.

The role of smell in choosing friends

Odors are capable of influencing social choices – Image: Weizmann Institute of Sciences/Reproduction

But why does smell play such a crucial role in determining friendships? According to a study from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, friendships that form spontaneously often share similarities in odor.

Research suggests that a person’s scent attracts similar ones, which amplifies the personality emanating from each individual.

Such relationships, far from romanticism, explain the authentic reaction that arises when meeting someone unknown, underlining the complexity of the odors produced by individual chemical substances.

‘Friendship at first sight’ was proven through the use of eNose, a device capable of detecting and analyzing olfactory notes through chemical sensors and algorithms. artificial intelligence (IA).

By measuring differences and similarities in volunteers’ body odors, eNose revealed that friendship circles were often made up of groups that shared similar olfactory characteristics.

The phenomenon offers an intriguing insight into the immediate feeling of happiness experienced when reuniting with certain friends.

Research into the role of smell in the formation of social bonds is not exclusive to humans. Animals, such as dogs, wolves, hyenas and primates, also rely heavily on olfactory abilities to communicate and identify trustworthy group members.

Smell therefore emerges as an essential mechanism for forming alliances, cooperating and discerning those who deserve it. trust and loyalty.

The chemistry of aromas, as subtle as it is powerful, reveals itself as a vital element in the complex dance of friendships.

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