Starting ‘One Piece’ now? Find out the correct order to watch

One Piece is a masterpiece that has captivated the hearts of fans since its debut. With its exciting plot, captivating characters and a vast pirate universe, it is impossible not to be enchanted by this epic saga.

And if there is something that enhances this passion, it is the live action adaptation by Netflix, which won over the public and became one of the platform’s biggest hits in 2023.

Many were introduced to this fascinating universe through this adaptation, sparking a burning interest in exploring more about the world created by Eiichiro Oda.

However, there is a small dilemma: where to start? The universe of anime and manga is vast, full of interconnected and exciting stories, which can leave new viewers a little lost.

To solve this problem, we brought a list with the correct sequence to watch the story in a coherent way, avoiding unnecessary jumps and ensuring complete immersion in the Straw Hats’ journey.

What is the correct sequence to watch ‘One Piece’?

Some characters from ‘One Piece’ – Image: Toei Animation/Reproduction

East Blue Saga

  • Episodes: 1 to 8;
  • OVA – ‘Defeat him! The Pirate Ganzack’;
  • Episodes: 9 to 18;
  • ‘The Great Gold Pirate’;
  • Episodes: 19 to 53;
  • ‘The Adventure on Nejimaki Island’;
  • ‘Navel Ocean Adventure’;
  • ‘Jango Dance Festival’;
  • Episodes: 54 to 61;
  • ‘East Blue: Luffy’ episode.

Alabasta Saga

  • Episodes: 62 to 91;
  • ‘The King of Dream Football’;
  • Episodes: 92 to 130;
  • ‘Alabasta Episode: The Desert Princess and the Pirates’;
  • ‘Chopper’s Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals’;
  • Episodes: 131 to 135.

Skypeia Saga

  • Episodes: 136 to 138;
  • ‘Deadly Adventure’;
  • ‘The Curse of the Holy Sword’;
  • ‘Opening over the vast ocean. A father’s big, big dream!’;
  • ‘See! Become the Kings of Pirate Baseball’;
  • Episodes: 139 to 195;
  • ‘Skypeia’ Episodes;
  • Episodes: 195 to 206;
  • ‘Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island’.

Water Saga 7

  • Episodes: 207 to 219;
  • ‘Protect! The last Big Performance!’;
  • Episodes: 220 to 226;
  • ‘The Mechas of Karakuri Castle’;
  • Episodes: 227 to 325′
  • ‘Chopper Episodes: Winter Blossom, Miracle on the Cherry Tree’.

Thriller Bark Saga

  • Episodes: 326 to 384.

Marineford War Saga

  • Episodes: 426 to 429;
  • OVA – ‘Strong World Episode 0’;
  • ‘One Piece: Strong World’;
  • ‘One Piece 3D: The Straw Hat Chase’;
  • ‘One Piece 3D! Trap Coaster’;
  • OVA – ‘One Piece Romance Dawn’;
  • Episodes: 385 to 516;
  • ‘3D2Y Getting over Ace’s death! Luffy’s vote for his companions’.
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Fish-Man Island Saga

  • Episodes: 517 to 522;
  • ‘Nami: Tears of the Navigator and Bonds of Companions’;
  • Episodes: 523 to 574.

Dressrosa Saga

  • Episodes: 575 to 578;
  • OVA – ‘Glorious Island part 1 and 2’;
  • ‘One Piece Movie Z’;
  • ‘Luffy: The Hand Island Adventure’;
  • ‘Adventures in Nebulândia’;
  • Episodes: 579 to 625;
  • ‘Merry: The Story of Another Friend’;
  • Episodes: 626 to 746;
  • ‘Sabo: The Bond of the 3 Brothers’. The Miraculous Reunion and Inherited Determination’;

Yonko Saga

  • Episodes: 747 to 750;
  • ‘Heart of Gold’;
  • ‘One Piece Gold Episode 0’;
  • ‘One Piece Gold’;
  • Episodes: 751 to 896;
  • ‘One Piece: Stampede’;
  • Episodes 897 to most recent;
  • ‘One Piece Red’.

Thus, following this order, the new spectators will be able to explore the vast and exciting world of ‘One Piece’ in an organized and engaging way, without missing any important details of this incredible pirate journey.

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