Scientific revolution: male contraceptives make progress

Humanity already knows several contraceptive methods, but practically all of them are aimed at women, including one of the most famous and purchased today, the controversial morning-after pill. However, the male population is close to also being able to acquire a medicine to prevent their partners from getting pregnant.

Recently, clinical trials began with the first hormone-free medication, capable of temporarily preventing sperm production.

A contraceptive pill for men has not yet received a commercial name and, to date, is only called YCT-529. However, the medicine created by the biopharmaceutical company YourChoice Therapeutics, located in the USA, could go down in history.

How does this medicine work?

Drug will revolutionize ways to avoid pregnancy – Image: Internet/Reproduction

Most existing female contraceptives depend on the addition of hormones to prevent ovulation and, consequently, fertilization during sexual intercourse, when the sperm enters the egg.

However, using these products too much can cause a series of complications and harm to those who consume them, such as increasing the risk of developing different types of cancer.

Therefore, for the biopharmaceutical company responsible for the project, the main idea was to develop a contraceptive pill safe, without the presence of hormones, this means that users do not experience any unwanted symptoms.

“YCT-529 blocks a protein — not hormones — to prevent sperm production,” explains Akash Bakshi, co-founder and CEO of YourChoice Therapeutics, in a note. “We believe this will be more attractive to men, especially those who understand pregnancy prevention as a shared responsibility,” he adds.

To arrive at the ideal formula, scientists carried out a detailed investigation into the relationship between fertility in men and the vitamin. Such a connection has been known to science for years, but it had no practical use — until now.

Therefore, YCT-529 is classified as an inhibitor of RAR alpha (retinoic acid receptor alpha). This receptor binds to retinoic acid, a derivative of vitamin A and helps in the production of sperm, this process will be temporarily interrupted by the medicine.

Finally, pre-clinical tests carried out on animals proved to be very encouraging. The item managed to drastically reduce the sperm count in rodents with an effectiveness of 99% and it is expected that the same results will be maintained in tests with animals. humans which will begin in the next phase of the project.

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