Mandatory reading: these are the Marvel comics that EVERY comic book fan should know

You marvel comics have captivated readers of all ages for decades. Whether in the Silver Age, with timeless stories that introduced iconic characters, or modern epics that continue to surprise, Marvel has a legacy of exceptional storytelling.

With the growth of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), more people are diving into the world of superheroes. In this guide, we’ll present a list of comics that everyone should read, from classic adventures to the most recent releases.

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Marvel classics

  1. captain America by J. Michael Straczynski and Jesus Saiz. Captain America’s return is portrayed in an epic that mixes past and present, taking the hero back to his roots.

  2. “Dark X-Men” by Steve Foxe and Jonas Scharf. This series, featuring a unique team of mutants, offers action, intrigue and exciting confrontations.

  3. “Capwolf & The Howling Commandos” by Stephanie Phillips and Carlo Magno. A fun and scary twist features Captain America as a werewolf during the Second World War.

  4. “Rebirth of the Silver Surfer: Legacy” by Ron Marz and Ron Lim. A thrilling cosmic journey that brings back iconic characters from the Silver Surfer universe.

  5. “The Immortal Thor” per Al Ewing and Martin Coccolo. Al Ewing, one of Marvel’s most beloved writers, leads Thor to face an epic threat in a brilliant storyline.

  6. “Avengers Inc” by Al Ewing and Leonard Kirk is a dive into the underworld of superheroes, featuring Wasp and Victor Shade as superhero detectives.

  7. “Uncanny Spider-Man” by Si Spurrier and Lee Garbett. A new iteration of Spider-Man, combining action and drama as he faces unique challenges.

  8. “Werewolf by Night” by Derek Landy and Fran Galan is a series that combines the legend of Marvel horror with the addition of Elsa Bloodstone, offering action and a touch of queer romance.

  9. “The demolisher” by Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto. Daredevil continues to delight readers with a new creative team and a story full of twists and turns.

  10. “X-Men (Vol. 6)” by Gerry Duggan, Pepe Larraz, Javier Pina, Joshua Cassara and Stefano Caselli. This series is the engine of X’s downfall and offers essential insight into Marvel’s mutants.

  11. “Jean Gray (Vol. 2)” by Louise Simonson and Bernard Chang is a rare opportunity to explore the solo adventures of fan-favorite leader Jean Grey.

  12. “Magneto” by JM DeMatteis and Todd Nauck. An emotional journey through the past of the Master of Magnetism, with a captivating narrative.

  13. “Children of the Vault” by Deniz Camp and Luca Maresca. An unconventional series that introduces the Children of the Vault into a new era of the X-Men.

  14. “Moon Knight: City of the Dead” by David Pepose and Marcelo Ferreira. Moon Knight returns to comics with an exciting and unique story.

  15. “The incredible Hulk” by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Nic Klein. A horror version of the Hulk that captures the spirit of the character in a new series.

  16. “Blade” by Bryan Edward Hill and Elena Casagrande. The vampire hunter returns, promising an exciting solo series.

  17. “The Avengers” by Jed MacKay and CF Vila. A new Avengers team is led by Captain Marvel in a series that revitalizes the team.

  18. “Loki” by Dan Watters and German Peralta. A magical vision of the God of Mischief in one exciting series.

  19. “Fantastic Four” by Ryan North and Rachael Stott. A welcome return of the Fantastic Four with a new creative team.

  20. Iron Man” by Christopher Cantwell and Cafu. An in-depth exploration of technology and the adventures of Tony Stark.

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Marvel continues to thrive with exciting stories, captivating characters, and a wealth of creative talent. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just starting to explore the world of Marvel comics, this list offers a wide range of options to satisfy every taste.

From timeless classics to exciting new interpretations, Marvel continues to be a beacon in the world of superheroes. So, pick up your favorite issue, dive into the vibrant pages, and embark on an epic journey with the world’s most beloved heroes. universe!

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