TikTok has been used as a tool to boost anime

In the dynamic world of social networks, the TikTok has stood out as a platform where trends emerge and spread at impressive speed.

Among the recipe videos and cute pet moments, a new trend emerges: anime songs to win over the public through viral choreography.

Recently, a video with people dancing to the sound of ‘Bling-Bang-Bang-Born’ by the Japanese group Creepy Nuts, the theme from the second season of ‘Mashle: Magic and Muscle’, captured users’ attention.

TikTok’s potential is used as a tool

This trend highlights a change in the way we consume music and the way anime productions seek to connect with the public, taking advantage of TikTok as a powerful promotional tool.

In this context, producers recognize the app’s trends as an opportunity to promote new songs.

Mashle‘ follows in the footsteps of the phenomenon ‘Idol’, a song by the duo Yoasobi released in 2023, which served as the opening theme of the anime ‘Oshi no Ko’ and quickly became known worldwide through the social network.

The success of ‘Idol’ was so great that the duo Yoasobi had a special performance on ‘Kohaku’, a music program broadcast on the NHK channel in Japan.

During the performance, Japanese artists repeated the dance moves viral on TikTok, celebrating the success of the song in one of the prime times of Japanese television. However, the trend is not new in the world of anime.

Both ‘Mashle’ and other titles featured choreography in their soundtracks, taking advantage of the viral potential of platforms like TikTok.

Therefore, with TikTok propelling anime music onto the global stage, it is clear that this form of promotion is here to stay, transforming the way music and audiovisuals are promoted and consumed, especially among younger generations.

The intersection between pop culture, social media and music opens new paths for the entertainment industry, creating a more interactive and participatory experience for music fans. anime is music.

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