Monetize your rewards: Reddit launches real money conversion program

O Reddit It holds a relevance on the internet that few sites have managed to achieve. The universe full of virtual communities in which you can find countless discussions on the most diverse topics — ranging from memes to politics — is very popular among internet users.

Following the daily growth of this social network, Reddit launches a program within its platform called Contributor Program, allowing network users to convert Reddit Gold into real money for their bank accounts.

Reddit Gold is like a currency within Reddit that allows ad-free browsing and an exclusive subreddit, enjoying and contributing to the community and with some extras.

According to the technology portal The Verge, Reddit offers six options to make this purchase, ranging from US$1.99 to US$49 (converting approximately to R$9.89 to R$243.53) for up to 25 units of gold. By making this purchase, users will have access to the “golden upvote” on the platform.

How to participate in the Contributor Program?

Image: Reddit/Reproduction

Reddit’s new program gives users the possibility to earn real money in their accounts with the contributions and interactions they make on the site through monthly payments based on the amount of karma and gold the user receives from their contributions.

Contributors are divided into two categories within the program: the “standard”, which receives US$0.90 (approximately R$4.47) for each unit of gold they accumulate, and the “featured”, receiving US$1 ( approximately R$4.97) for each unit of gold accumulated.

Both types of users need to accumulate at least ten gold units and between 100 and 4,999 karma points in 12 months to be able to redeem the money from the program.

In addition to all of this, there are other requirements to participate: you must be 18+ years old, have an eligible Reddit account (that is in “good condition”) and, at the moment, the program is restricted to residents of the United States.

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