Flash vs. Quicksilver: check out the battle that once and for all decided the winner between rivals from DC and Marvel

The superhero niche forms an important part of the geek universe, with the characters’ fame spanning several decades. The two main hero producers are Marvel and DC Comics, both with international recognition and loyal fans, who defend each character, even if some have similar powers.

The rivalry is so intense that discussions often occur among the public to determine the strongest among the companies’ heroes. And when the powers are equivalent, the dispute becomes even more interesting.

An example of this is the case of the speedsters Quicksilver and Flash, from Marvel and DC, respectively, who have already faced each other, with a final decision already established.

The battle between Flash and Quicksilver that defined the champion in the comics

Image: Legion of Heroes/Reproduction

Amid discussions about which is the best universe, whether it is the MCU or the DCU, universes of Marvel Comics and DC Comics, respectively, Flash and Quicksilver are heroes always mentioned and compared in arguments.

Taking advantage of this rivalry, the companies came together two decades ago and created an impactful clash, bringing together the biggest names from each.

In the 1990s, the magazine “Marvel versus DC #2” featured a battle between Wally West (Flash) and Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver). The confrontation was as quick as they were, lasting just three pages, but it was enough to define a winner.

The edition is written by Claudio Castellini, Peter David, Dan Jurgens, Joe Rubenstein and Paul Neary. It tells the story of the dispute between cosmic entities, representatives of Marvel and DC, in which a battle decides the future of one of the universes. Just the immobilization was enough to guarantee a victory, after all, the heroes wouldn’t want to kill each other.

After all, who was the winner?

Image: “Marvel versus DC #2″/Reproduction

During a battle, the heroes pass in front of a truck that ends up overturning and exploding, putting innocent lives in danger. On this occasion, Flash tries to save the individuals and ends up giving Mercury an advantage.

However, the Marvel hero finds himself faced with a difficult decision: he could attack at that moment, but he hesitates to defeat an enemy who is risking himself to save other lives.

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Only in the meantime of indecision, Wally manages to get up and defeat his opponent with a series of blows, ending the fight with a catchphrase.

“You almost beat me before, friend! But he who hesitates… Loses.” (Wally West)

However, it is important to emphasize that the battles were not defined by the writers or even the publisher, but rather by a popular vote, in which the public decided who the winners were.

In other words, it was not strength, speed or power that revealed the champion. Even so, it’s likely that Flash would win anyway, because, at the time, he was at his peak of power, being the fastest hero in DC history.