Modular ‘Lego’ houses could be the solution for sustainable construction

A promising innovation from the Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Construction Technology is about to revolutionize the way we think about home construction.

Inspired by the principle of ‘blocks’Lego‘, this technology offers an innovative, fast and sustainable approach to erecting housing structures.

Sustainable ‘Lego’ construction

Solution for more agile and sustainable engineering – Image: Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology/Reproduction

Led by the renowned Dr. Seok-Ho Lim and Dr. Joon-Soo Chung, the team behind this revolutionary technique proposes the use of ‘container parts’.

Such blocks incorporate complete rooms, composed of internal walls, floors and ceilings, providing an integrated solution for construction. Each block is made up of filling and support modules, which creates a cohesive structure.

The ‘Lego’ pieces are manufactured in a dedicated environment and then transported to the construction site.

Assembly takes place efficiently, with cranes fitting and stacking the modules, including in multifaceted projects with two or more floors.

After initial assembly, elements such as roof, stairs and corridors are added to seamlessly integrate the individual blocks.

Sustainable and practical advantages

‘Lego’ technology in construction not only speeds up the process, but also considerably reduces expenses and clutter on the construction site.

Furthermore, the approach generates less noise, dust and waste compared to traditional methods.

An additional benefit is the ability to dismantle and reuse the blocks in other spaces, promoting sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

Future implementation in South Korea

With ambitious plans, the South Korean government intends to implement this innovative technology in the construction of rental housing in Seoul and neighboring cities.

The objective is twofold: to reduce environmental impacts and effectively address housing shortages.

The promise is to not only minimize costs associated with construction, but also significantly speed up construction periods compared to traditional methods.

The revolution in construction: looking to the future

This ‘Lego’ approach to construction opens new horizons for the industry, but also raises important challenges.

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The need to balance innovation with existing regulations and standards will be crucial to the widespread acceptance of this technology. However, the opportunities for more efficient and sustainable construction are clearly outlined.

As ‘Lego’ technology in construction emerges as a promising solution, the future of construction looks more agile, sustainable and efficient.

A innovation Korean technology promises to not only transform the urban landscape, but also redefine our approach to building homes and structures, integrating the familiar concept of ‘Lego’ blocks into a much more meaningful context.