iPhone’s hidden function is used to spy on people; see how it works

Careful! You may be being spied on by your iPhone. Recently, there were reports about the discovery of a tactic used by malicious people to spy on iOS users.

Security company Kaspersky issued a warning about this last June and has now detailed how this security flaw in Apple devices was being exploited.

According to Kaspersky research, attackers exploited a secret feature in iPhone hardware, something that not even technology experts knew about. It is important to note that Apple has already fixed this vulnerability.

Kaspersky experts suspect that this “secret” function, exploited by cyber criminals, was possibly created for testing or debugging by Kaspersky engineers. Apple.

How the hackers discovered the existence of this feature has not yet been revealed.

Additionally, attackers apparently found vulnerabilities in different parts of the iPhone, including fonts, the system core, and even the Safari browser.

Soon after, Apple released updates for iOS, correcting these security flaws in its software.

Kaspersky’s research highlights the advancement of digital threats globally, showing how much more sophisticated they are becoming.

This highlights the importance of large technology companies continuing to invest in security to protect their virtual environments.

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Are we safe?

You smartphones represent a double facet of technology, capable of offering convenience and, at the same time, presenting risks to security and privacy.

Real cases highlight this duality: the iPhone, for example, was the target of vulnerabilities that allowed unauthorized access through the Pegasus spyware, developed by the company NSO Group.

This software was used for large-scale espionage, compromising the privacy of politicians, activists and journalists in several countries.

Furthermore, widely used applications have been linked to privacy violations.

O Facebookfor example, faced criticism due to the improper sharing of data from millions of users with third parties, compromising the confidentiality of personal information.

These real-life situations highlight the urgent need to raise awareness about the risks associated with mobile devices.

It is crucial that users are aware of security updates, check permissions granted to applications, and take proactive measures to protect their privacy in the face of these potential threats.

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Learn to protect yourself

But all is not lost, after all you can protect yourself by keeping your devices updated with the latest versions of softwareas well as strengthening passwords and using two-factor authentication whenever possible.

In addition to these important measures, you can also review the permissions granted to apps and minimize the sharing of sensitive data.

Avoid public Wi-Fi networks and opt for secure connections. Use reliable antivirus solutions and security applications.

Above all, be aware of suspicious activity on your device and continually educate yourself about current cyber threats.

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