10 most searched feature films on Google: where to watch them?

Find movies on platforms streaming It’s getting more and more difficult, because there are many servers and each one has different content.

In fact, the 10 most searched films on Google are not kept in the same place, but that will no longer be a problem!

Where to watch the 10 most searched movies on Google

Prepare the popcorn for the next feature film session – Image: bonetta/Canva Pro/Reproduction

Although the streaming service brings more leisure options for those who like films and series, it is a fact that, today, it is necessary to have subscriptions on different platforms to access great works.

This causes great confusion and even makes viewers give up watching the film because they waste too much time looking for where they are. Let’s make this easier for you!


Despite being launched after other major platforms such as Amazon Prime and Netflix, Disney+ accumulates great titles, as it has the copyrights to many of them. On the list of great successes are:

  • ‘Toy Story 2’ (as well as all the other films in the series);

  • ‘X Men – The Movie’;

  • ‘Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith’ (and the other titles in the franchise);

  • ‘High School Musical’.

In addition to these, Disney has all films based on princess tales, productions such as series and musicals from the Disney XD channel and documentaries from Pixar and National Geographic.


Currently, the Netflix has invested in authorial productions or adaptations of books in which the company itself is the producer. Even so, you can still find super famous titles. Among the 10 most searched films on Google are:

  • ‘Transformers’;

  • ‘Twilight’ (and all 4 films that conclude the series).

There you can also find other award-winning works:

  • ‘The impossible’;

  • ‘The Imitation Game’;

  • ‘Don’t look up’;

  • ‘The social network’;

  • ‘Hereditary’;

  • ‘Exemplary girl’.


Among the streaming platforms, HBO Max is the one that manages to bring together the films most sought after and the most recent, soon after they go out of print. Some examples are:

  • ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring’ (and the other titles in the franchise);

  • ‘Spider man’;

  • ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ (and the 7 subsequent films that accompany the series).

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There you will also find newer titles such as:

  • ‘Dunkirk’;

  • ‘Do not worry, dear’;

  • ‘Barbie’.