PlayStation reaches new milestone of simultaneously online users in 2023

The last edition of CES was the stage for an impactful revelation of Sony: PlayStation recorded a record number of active users in December 2023, reaching 123 million.

This milestone considerably surpasses the previous record, setting a new standard for the platform.

PlayStation 5 – Image: MeuPlayStation/Reproduction

PlayStation’s Continued Rise

December 2022 had already been a successful month for Sony, with a significant number of active users.

However, the jump to 123 million in December 2023 shows significant growth, the previous record was 112 million.

Additionally, the company recently revealed that purchases from PlayStation 5 have surpassed 50 million units, with an ambitious goal of selling an additional 25 million by the end of the current fiscal year. These numbers reflect the popularity and growing demand for the console.

Success factors

Experts point to Sony’s new generation of consoles and online strategies through PSN as crucial factors for this success.

Since its launch in 2006, PSN has contributed significantly to annual active user growth.

The CEO of Sony Pictures Television Studios, Katherine Pope, participated in CES 2024, and highlighted PlayStation’s influence on films and TV series, such as the adaptations of ‘Uncharted’ and ‘Gran Turismo’. Sony now aims to expand its game IPs to television.

The latest data strengthens PlayStation’s position in the market. The PS5, despite being the most expensive among its main competitors, saw a 178.1% increase in sales compared to 2022. In Europe, growth was even more notable, at 369% compared to the previous year.

In contrast, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series recorded a drop in sales. In the UK, the PS5 accounted for 51% of video game purchases over a six-month period, outperforming its competitors.

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