Goodbye to manual transfers: Automatic Pix gets launch date

On Thursday (7), the Central Bank announced that the long-awaited Automatic Pix It should be fully launched on October 28th of the following year (2024).

This modality will allow users to make advance appointments for debts they are already aware of, such as monthly payments.

According to the G1 news portal, this functionality will be very useful for paying off recurring debts, such as water and energy bills, loan installments, consortia and condominium fees or even taxes, such as IPTU and IPVA.

In practice, these payments can already be made through a current account, but the central bank believes that the new tool launched will better serve the public and reach a greater number of Brazilians.

How will the new feature impact users’ lives?

User using Pix on their cell phone – Image: Reproduction

The head of the authority’s Department of Competition and Financial Market Structure, Ângelo Duarte, said in an interview with G1 that companies need to have agreements with financial organizations to effectively make payments available by automatic debit.

Therefore, this situation would monopolize access to this type of service, as only a part of the population would have access to such a tool.

This way, when introducing Pix Automático, the private sector would not need to resort to individual contracts with banks, it would simply be enough to close an agreement with the institution that offered the modality.

“All users of all Pix institutions will be able to use automatic Pix, which opens up the possibility for small institutions to enter this market”, says Ângelo Duarte, head of the BC’s Competition and Financial Market Structure Department.

Often, individuals will not pay fees, while legal entities will be able to negotiate freely, without interference.

Thus, the service will be offered as follows: banks will be obliged to provide the functionality to individuals, but they will be able to select the companies to whom they will make their offers.

Regarding the use of this new feature, it will always be the company that instructs its customers on how to use the resource. Meanwhile, the individual will need to decide whether or not they want to use this to settle their financial outstanding issues.

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In October 2024, another version of Pix, recurring scheduling, will become mandatory.

According to the head of Pix’s Management and Operations Department, Carlos Eduardo Brandt, this modality is similar to a transfer and can be used between individuals and companies with active CNPJs.