6 places where you should NOT leave your cell phone: see the risks

With the technology of smartphones becoming an increasingly essential part of our daily lives, it is important to be aware of the places where we should not leave our mobile devices.

Next, check places where it is not advisable to leave your cell phone in order to guarantee both the safety of the device and its owner.

Places where you shouldn’t leave your cell phone

Smartphone – Image: Castorly Stock/Pexels

Although the cell phone is a constant companion in modern life, there are places where it shouldn’t be. Let’s explore seven of these places and understand why.

1. Bra

Storing your cell phone in your bra may seem like a practical solution, but it’s risky. Body heat can negatively affect the device’s internal components, reducing its efficiency and lifespan.

Furthermore, studies indicate that prolonged proximity to radiation of the telephone may have adverse health effects, although there is still scientific debate about this.

2. Car glove compartment

The interior of a parked car can become extremely hot, especially in direct sunlight.

Leaving your cell phone in the glove compartment under these conditions exposes the device to temperatures that can damage its battery and internal components, often irreversibly.

3. Pocket

Carrying your cell phone in your back pocket may seem convenient, but it is a risky practice. There is a danger of breaking the screen or other components when sitting down, as well as increasing the possibility of theft.

Contact close to the body can also lead to problems with the device overheating.

4. Bed

Many people have the habit of taking their cell phones to the bedbut this can disrupt your sleep cycle due to exposure to blue light from your screen.

Furthermore, if the cell phone is charging, there is a risk of overheating, which can be dangerous.

5. Beach sarong

Taking your cell phone to the beach and leaving it on the sarong exposes the device to risks, such as sand, which can enter the openings and damage internal components, and water, which can cause short circuits.

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6. Bathroom

Humidity and the possibility of falling into water are obvious risks when using the cell phone in the bathroom.

Furthermore, the humid environment is conducive to the proliferation of germs and bacteria, which can be transferred to the device.

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