Goodbye, old friend: Microsoft surprises by removing WordPad from Windows

Attention, users! A Microsoft has already begun removing WordPad from Windows 11, after the application remained pre-installed on the company’s systems for an impressive 28 years. Launched in August 1995, the resource was a simpler version of Microsoft Word.

The announcement regarding the withdrawal of the program was made in September 2023, but the change is only applied now through the Canary build made available to Windows Insider users, a testing element for future platform updates.

Therefore, the successor to Microsoft Write, which offered basic text editing methods, will no longer be developed, much less receive updates.

According to a new official document issued by the company, a future update must remove this item from the operating system.

What will be the replacement option offered by the multinational?

WordPad remained on Windows for almost three decades – Image: TudoCelular/Reproduction

The company recommends customers to use Microsoft Word, which can now be downloaded for free on the internet, or Notepad for simpler productions.

This change caused the multinational to refer to WordPad as a ‘deprecated feature’, whose development will be discontinued.

“Starting with this build, the WordPad and People apps will no longer be installed after doing a clean install of the operating system. In a ‘future flight’, WordPad will be removed in an update. WordPad will not be reinstallable. The software is a deprecated feature of Windows,” the company said.

Therefore, the tool will not be able to be reinstalled in future versions of the Windowsso people will have to look for another text editor to carry out their tasks.

Remembering that the corporation has already published recommendations that can satisfy customers’ needs in a satisfactory manner.

“We recommend Microsoft Word for rich text documents such as .doc and .rtf, and Windows Notepad for plain text documents such as .txt.”

The organization already tried to disable Paint, but due to its great popular appeal, it relaunched the application with more features and a good graphical redesign.

So, there is still hope that the same will happen in the future with WordPad. For now, all we can do is wait and see how things unfold. history.

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