YouTube Music finally lets you download songs to your computer for offline listening

Youtube music

For music lovers who prefer to listen to their favorite songs without internet, YouTube Music has updated its website on PC, finally offering offline download support. This new feature puts the streaming service’s mobile and desktop experiences on equal footing. allows you to save songs and playlists locally so you can listen to them whenever you want.

YouTube has been testing online uploads for a while now, but this option appears to be rolling out since March 29. Some users now say “ New ! Download music to listen offline » It appears next to the Library tab when they visit, but the rollout appears to still be in progress.

Once downloaded, the songs, albums or playlists will be organized accordingly. A new “Downloads” section of your YouTube Music library on the web. You can also filter this downloaded content by playlists, podcasts, songs, or albums for easier browsing when you’re not online.

For those who already use the YouTube Music mobile app, this new web feature will be a must-have addition if you also have a computer. The mobile version has long allowed offline listening by downloading content via WiFi or cellular data. However, the lack of a native desktop application meant that this option was not available for desktop listening sessions.

Any songs, albums, or playlists you download from the web Counts against YouTube Music’s 10-device overall download limit. While this isn’t an issue for most individual users, it may affect users who share a family subscription across multiple accounts and machines.

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