Don’t like people sharing your audios on WhatsApp? See how to block the action

If you sent an audio on Whatsapp and don’t want it to be shared, now there is a way to prevent this action.

The popular messaging app recently introduced a feature that allows users to send voice messages that can only be played once.

This new feature provides security for those who share private audio messages, thus preventing them from being forwarded to other conversations.

How to send single view audio on WhatsApp? – Image: Reproduction

It is important to highlight that this tool is available to all WhatsApp users, both on Android and iOS devices (iPhone).

No more worries about forwarded audios!

New function arrives on WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s new option, which allows single-playback voice messages, follows the same principle as existing messages of this type for photos and videos.

Content disappears after being played by the recipient and this functionality now also covers voice messages, ensuring that they are not played more than once on the recipient’s device.

On par with all messages on WhatsApp, voice messages from reproduction are protected by end-to-end encryption, ensuring user privacy and security.

The process of using this functionality is simple.

  1. Open the WhatsApp application;
  2. Open a conversation to send an audio;
  3. Tap the microphone option to record audio and slide your finger to activate the lock;
  4. Select the ‘1’ icon for single view;
  5. After finishing the audio recording, click the send arrow.

With single playback audiosusers can count on the privacy and protection of their private messages, avoiding any risk of leakage or unwanted exposure.

This initiative reflects the company’s commitment to providing features that ensure user privacy and security, preventing potential abuse or violations of privacy. privacy.

The platform constantly seeks to improve the user experience, making it safer and more reliable for everyone who uses it.

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