Does ‘doing nothing’ help improve productivity? Neuroscience explains

The temptation to do nothing and just rest, in an increasingly demanding reality with many tasks, is an issue that crosses many people’s minds.

It turns out, however, that the idea of productivity Always being active tends to nullify or generate a feeling of guilt in the face of this

In practice, according to science, the situation may be a little different. This is because emptying your mind and daydreaming can be a great way to generate creative ideas.

It’s as if you are making space for the new. Mental breaks have this advantage.

“Doing nothing” can be a great way to come up with new ideas and learn new concepts.

Therefore, taking your time, or occasionally getting rid of multiple screens and disconnecting can be less alienating than you might think.

Importance of daydreaming

Resting can be a great alternative before solving any problem – Photo: Reproduction

Relaxing your consciousness and helping your mind process complex thoughts is basically going into a state of daydreaming. It’s like you’re in a airplane mode.

Getting to this point, however, is no simple task. Many have it easy, but others cannot achieve the necessary tranquility.

It is possible to achieve daydreaming, for example, while washing the dishes or the car, or hanging the clothes on the line. The important thing is to know how to enjoy these moments of tranquility.

It’s as if you have time to think while carrying out other activities. This is when excellent ideas and conclusions emerge, and science has already proven this.

Reflection in memory

O stress Exaggerated consumption can harm long-term memory. Studies have already shown that the best remedy to reverse this situation is to give yourself time off and moments of rest.

Research published in the journal Nature showed how the neuronal activity of mice and the activation of the hippocampus, an area related to memory and learning, works.

The findings highlighted the importance of rest. This is crucial for the brain to assimilate knowledge and new data.

Such a conclusion even plays with the contradictory. After all, it would be confirmation that rest plays an important role in increasing efficiency and productivity.

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Greater autonomy in problem solving

Another factor linked to temporary idleness is the development of consciousness in such a way that it directly reflects on problem solving.

Studies show that improving creativity It has the power to improve reasoning and focus in finding solutions.

Researchers have discovered that people who give themselves time to daydream, before solving any problem, have greater skills and do so in a more creative way.

In other words, often, taking a deep breath and giving yourself time to rest can be the big secret to everything.