Chrome will revoke permissions for sites you haven’t visited in a long time

Google Chrome

It is certainly possible to manually revoke the rights granted to a website, but the Mountain View firm decided to do just that. Make our lives easier by automatically revoking rights to sites we rarely visit, or even more. The company set a deadline of two months. After this period, websites will need to ask for your permission again to obtain your personal or other data. This feature is part of the Chrome Security Center redesign (Security Center v2) and enabled by default When it is available to all Internet users.

Chrome will revoke rights for sites you don’t visit frequently

To automatically remove permissions for sites you no longer visit, you need to: Enable Security Center Chromium. To do this simply:

  • Type “chrome://flags” in the browser address bar
  • Find and enable “security center” and restart the browser

Google is often criticized for its management of personal data At least users that can be improved. This is undoubtedly why the company is constantly working to improve the user experience in its browser. However, from a security perspective, the online search giant’s initiatives are sometimes questionable. Thus, Chrome users on Android have recently been able to take screenshots of their devices even in private mode. Another slightly strange app, Google Chrome, will allow passwords to be shared between users.

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