Remake of ‘Silent Hill 2’ suffers criticism for neglect of dark aesthetics

On the 31st, a Wednesday, the State of Play took place. During the event, Konami, a famous electronic game developer, announced some new features for the game.silent Hill‘, a title that was quite successful in the early 2000s and even became a film.

However, the trailer released by the company received negative reviews from internet users, who were shocked by what they saw.

Remembering that the expectations of the gaming community were quite high, and, on social media, several fans pointed out errors in the material presented.

In fact, there were even questions about the possibility of the product still being in its early stages of development.

Part of the public suggested that the launch be postponed for a few years, so that the problems found could be corrected.

The main complaint was due to the combat, which, according to the interested audience, was not satisfactory and needed greater “weight and impact”.

The graphics were also attacked, on the grounds that they needed further improvement.

Negative comments proliferated on the web

Official game trailer – Video: YouTube/PlayStation/Reproduction

Many of negative comments went directly to Konami, mainly on X (formerly Twitter).

Another questioning factor was the release of a trailer whose focus was on action, but the game is a work centered on psychological horror.

Let’s look at other opinions from fans who were disappointed with the content released by the development company:

“The year is 2007, ‘Silent Hill’ is handed over to a developer with a bad track record. The year is 2012, ‘Silent Hill’ is handed over to a developer with a bad track record. The year is ‘2024’, Silent Hill is handed over to a developer with a bad track record”, says an internet user.

“They turned ‘Silent Hill 2’ into a remake of ‘Resident Evil.’ I’m crying”.

“’SH2′ [‘Silent Hill 2’] original looked so good in its time. The remake looks terrible.”

“’SH2′ Remake should have gone in the opposite direction with its combat. If you head towards RE [‘Resident Evil’], you will be compared. I have a feeling that ‘SH2 Remake’ will end up being a poor man’s ‘RE2’, not as intense and satisfying, but with just enough action to lose the horror.”

The video in which the combat dynamics of ‘Silent Hill 2’ are shown brings James Sunderland, the protagonist of the story, involved in several action scenes, fighting hand to hand and using firearms. The excerpt also shows elements of the region’s setting and enemies.

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The remake is still in development for PlayStation 5 and does not have a release date.

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