At last! ChatGPT now searches in real time

On September 27th, the OpenAI made an announcement that shook the world of artificial intelligence. The company revealed a revolutionary update to the ChatGPTwhich allows you to perform Internet searches in real time.

With this innovation, users will be able to access links with information sources, breaking the previous restriction that limited the system only to dates up to 2021.

ChatGPT now searches in real time

According to the non-profit organization, this navigation feature will initially be available to Plus and Enterprise plan subscribers. Anyone wishing to use it must access the platform through the Bing search engine and select the “GPT-4” option.

ChatGPT can now browse the internet to provide you with current and authoritative information, complete with direct links to sources. It is no longer limited to date before September 2021.

— OpenAI (@OpenAI) September 27, 2023

Free ChatGPT users will also soon be able to perform real-time searches, OpenAI said. Integration with the Internet was already introduced in the preview version of the system in May this year.

The announced update promises to not only provide more up-to-date and reliable information, but to include a robots.txt file that respects site guidelines and identifies how sites interact with ChatGPT.

This is the second major overhaul that ChatGPT has undergone in a matter of days. On September 25, the platform was enhanced with the ability to interact through voice and images, including the ability to respond to people through synthetic voice.

Image: Leon Neal/Getty Images/Reproduction

Originally launched in November 2022, ChatGPT was previously limited to a database that only included information updated through September 2021.

These recent updates make ChatGPT an even more powerful and versatile tool for accessing knowledge and interacting with the digital world in ways never before.

Advances in technology artificial intelligence have become increasingly larger, generating a lot of debate about the use of machines in our daily lives. However, many see it as a necessary evolution.

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