Instagram: Speech synthesis and voice changers are coming to Reels

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Instagram has been making more announcements about new features in recent weeks. First of all, paid subscriptions will soon arrive on the social network. They will allow users to financially support content creators and gain access to various bonuses.

In addition, CEO Adam Mosseri recently confirmed the implementation of the Take a Break or “Take a Break” function in Molière. As the name suggests, It will encourage users to take a break after 10, 20 or 30 minutes on the app.

And on Friday, November 12, 2021, Instagram is focusing on new features this time. reelsThese short videos use the format and spirit popularized by TikTok. Actually, two new features recently launched. “Attention Reels creators! We know that using audio and sound is one of the most fun aspects of creating Reels! That’s why today we’re introducing two new audio tools, Voice Effects and Text to Speech. The social network announced it in an official post.

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Instagram continues to draw inspiration from TikTok for its Reels

Let’s start with its function first transcriptor speech synthesis if you prefer. The principle is very simple: it allows an automatically generated voice to read your text out loud. “It allows you to add narration to text-to-speech without using your own voice, be creative, and add fun and humor to Reels.” Instagram says.

To take advantage of this, go to the Reels section of the app, record a video and import a video via gallery, then use the text tool. Then tap the text bubble to access the hamburger menu and select Text to Speech or Text to Speech. Then choose one of the two available audio options and stream your Reels!

Then it is now possible add voice changers Reels in your videos with options such as helium, robotic or giant effects. Note that you will need to have the latest version of Instagram to take advantage of these new features.

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