It only gives ‘Super Mario Bros. Wonder’ in Europe: game becomes the most popular in the franchise

On October 20th, Nintendo released the long-awaited “Super Mario Bros. Wonder“, which has already been making history in the European market. Despite the lack of specific disclosure of numbers, Nintendo stated that the results were satisfactory enough to consider the new title as the best-selling title of the entire franchise.

Additionally, Nintendo generally considers the first three days of sales to determine a game’s success, and, according to sources, “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” exceeded all expectations during this period.

However, it is interesting to note that, in the United Kingdom, sales made in stores did not have the same impact, as “Marvel’s Spider-Man” continues to maintain the lead.

It is important to highlight that online sales are also part of this scenario. The expectation is that, with the inclusion of these sales in the coming days, the position of “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” can become stronger.

Why is Nintendo ‘doing the mystery’ anyway?

Image: Nintendo/Reproduction

A peculiar aspect in this context is the fact that the Nintendo having deleted a post with information about the game’s success on your X (formerly Twitter) account.

The reason behind the company’s action remains unknown, raising questions and curiosities about what could have happened behind the scenes.

Image: Nintendo of Europe/Screen Print/Reproduction

These twists and turns stand out as a dynamic and often unpredictable game sales landscape. The competition between renowned titles, such as “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” and “Marvel’s Spider-Man”, shows that there is a vast list of alternatives for consumers, in order to please different tastes, which can impact sales.

However, Nintendo maintains a reputation as a creator of games that captivate and delight your audience.

That said, regardless of sales details, “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” is a milestone in the franchise’s journey, demonstrating once again the strength and lasting impact of the mustachioed plumber’s games and their fantastic universe.

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