AI revolution in the NFL: data analysis transforms game strategies

The US National Football League (NFL) is embracing the era of artificial intelligence (AI) with a strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This collaboration aims to transform the way the NFL analyzes the game by revealing insights insights into player performance and game strategies never before possible.

‘Next Gen Stats’: the next form of analysis

The AWS analytics category, known as “Next Gen Stats,” was developed exclusively for the NFL. It focuses on studying “pressure” in the game of American football, providing a detailed look at how players are performing.

AWS has developed intelligent algorithms based on AI, capable of analyzing the behavior of players on the field. These algorithms can detect how aggressive and fast a player is, as well as his response time, especially when it comes to quarterbacks.

Advanced data collection technology

To collect this revolutionary data, the NFL uses high-tech tools installed on the fields and on players. Each gaming venue has at least 20 to 30 ultra-wideband receivers to ensure data accuracy.

Furthermore, players wear radio frequency identification (RFID) tags on their shoulder pads and other equipment. This allows the NFL to accurately track each player’s movement and performance in real time.

This data goes far beyond traditional statistics, offering insights extremely detailed. This will allow game analysts to study strategies that can influence the outcome of matches.

The learning of machine of “Next Gen Stats” is now focused on three key areas of the game: identifying blockers and pass rushers on passing plays, quantifying “pressure” in a game, and detecting individual matchups between blockers and rushers.

Image: viarprodesign/Freepik

NFL Benefits and More

Advanced data tracking not only enhances game understanding, but also provides valuable information for scouts and coaches. This can help in selecting new players and putting together strategic offensive lineups.

The “Next Gen Stats” project was started in 2017 and has historical data available since 2018, making it a powerful tool for retrospective analysis and future planning.

It’s worth remembering that the NFL is not alone on this technological journey. Other sports leagues, such as Major League Baseball (MLB), have also embraced AI by partnering with AWS to improve their player performance analysis. The combination of sports and technology is redefining how we understand and appreciate the world of sport.

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