Creator of the famous comic book ‘Calvin and Haroldo’ declares: ‘I will never make a cartoon of it’

Published over ten years in the most famous printed media and collections, “Calvin and Haroldo” created a legion of fans of the boy who was attacked and his imaginary stuffed friend.

Although it is still quite famous, the comic strip created and illustrated by Bill Watterson never had the rights to its characters licensed for any type of product. In an interview, the author stated that his work will never be adapted into cartoons.

Despite the resounding success, Watterson never gave in to the pressure to license his creation for games, clothing, toys or adaptations for cartoons and films. In an interview given to The Comics Journal in 2013, the comic artist addressed this issue, explaining his reasons.

“I really don’t understand, since I never intended to make Calvin and Harold a popular strip. I simply draw for myself. I think I have the gift of expressing common tastes. In some ways, it’s a little depressing,” she said.

According to Watterson, licensing is incompatible with what he is trying to do with “Calvin and Haroldo”.

“I take comics seriously as an art form, so I think it’s important to consider what my strip represents and what makes it work,” he added.

In the same interview, the author said that it would be quite easy to transfer the essence of a humor strip to different products, such as t-shirts, mugs, greeting cards or other media productions. However, he clarified that his work, in his view, does not fit into merchandising and never will.

“My strip works differently. Calvin and Haroldo are not just jokes. She has a joke, but it goes beyond that. Humor is situational and often episodic. It is based on dialogue and the development of personalities and relationships. These are not concerns that can be summarized into clever sayings for people to send to each other or hang on their walls,” she concluded.

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