WhatsApp spy? Secret function shows everything the app knows about you

The rumor that the applications storing all our information has been a cause for concern for many people. With the increasing dependence on technology in our daily lives, it is natural that questions arise about the privacy and security of our personal data.

This concern is especially evident when it comes to messaging apps like WhatsApp that contain important personal communications.

Many people fear that their conversations, photos, videos and even location information will be stored indefinitely and could be accessed by third parties without their consent. While these fears are understandable, it’s important to understand that the reality is a little more complex.

Most apps, including WhatsApp, use security measures to protect user information and comply with privacy regulations. privacy of data.

However, it is true that these applications collect and store a specific amount of data to improve the user experience, such as recording conversation metadata. But there is a way to find out what WhatsApp knows about you. See how!

Find out what your WhatsApp knows about you

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To find out what the platform knows about you, just go to your privacy settings. Whatsapp. Once this is done, click on the option called “Account” and, finally, you will have to select the option that says “Request account data”.

Once you request it, there is a maximum period of four days until you receive the complete report. When it is ready to be verified, Meta’s own messenger will send a notification to your device.

And don’t forget: once ordered, there is no way to cancel the order.

Keep your information secure

Preserve and maintain information in security is fundamental in the digital age. WhatsApp knows very well how important and necessary it is to prioritize the security of user data.

It is no surprise that the application has always sought to bring more security to conversations and personal information in the app, providing a smooth and reliable experience when using the messenger.

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