Great classics arrive on Nintendo Switch Online in November; see list

The history of video games is full of classics that shaped generations of gamers and continue to be revered for their historical importance and timeless entertainment value.

One of these icons of the gaming industry is the “Castlevania” series, a franchise that, for decades, has challenged players to explore haunted mansions, face bloodthirsty monsters and face the dreaded Dracula.

In an exciting development for fans of the series and retro gaming enthusiasts, “Castlevania Legends” and other classic titles are now part of the Nintendo Switch Online catalog.

Great classics arrive on Nintendo Switch Online

Image: Reproduction/NintendoSoup

Three classics, including “Castlevania Legends”, “Devil World” and “The Mysterious Murasame Castle”, are now part of the catalog Nintendo SwitchOnline.

Players can enjoy “Castlevania Legends” on the Game Boy Color emulator, while “Devil World” and “The Mysterious Murasame Castle” are available for the Nintendo (NES) emulator.

To access the titles, players need to ensure that their emulators are up to date. This usually happens automatically, but can be done manually in the app’s settings.

Each of these games offers a unique experience, from hunting vampires to “Castlevania Legends” to fighting armies of ninjas in “The Mysterious Murasame Castle” and exploring mazes in “Devil World.”

The addition of classics like Castlevania Legends, Devil World, and The Mysterious Murasame Castle to the Nintendo Switch Online catalog represents an exciting opportunity for players to revisit or discover for the first time these iconic games from the 8- and 16-bit era.

“Castlevania Legends”, for example, allows players to take on the role of Sonia Belmont, a young vampire hunter, who sets out on a journey to face the legendary Dracula.

With her legendary whip, Sonia faces a series of challenging monsters and bosses in a journey full of action and horror elements. This is a classic experience from the “Castlevania” series, which has captivated fans for generations.

“The Mysterious Murasame Castle” offers a distinct adventure in which players control the samurai Takamaru, who must defeat a series of malevolent villains who have obtained dark spheres of power.

The fast-paced action and strategic challenges make this title an exciting addition to the catalog.

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In turn, “Devil World”, a lesser-known game, puts players in control of Tamagon, a dragon who must find his way out of complicated mazes, collecting items and facing enemies with his flaming breath.

As they progress, players must deal with the orders of the devil who commands his minions. It is a unique and challenging title, which offers a puzzle and action.