WhatsApp launches new function: 3rd blue tick; see what it means

The popular messaging app, Whatsapp, owned by Meta, is working on a role that promises to generate heated debates. This is because a third blue tick will be introduced in the application’s conversations. In this way, the platform intends to go beyond confirming receipt and reading of messages.

Whatsapp’s new blue tick

Image: GHZ/Reproduction

The recent update will have a special peculiarity. This new blue tick will inform users if the recipient has screenshotted the chat or sent content. It turns out that there is an important controversy, since this function could raise alerts about users’ privacy.

Thus, with it, it will be possible to know if someone made the print Screen of the conversation and stored it in your cell phone gallery.

The change, although innovative, has already received mixed reactions. There are those who see value in the function, especially in situations that require a record of the conversation as evidence. However, there is still uncertainty about the possibility of users deactivating this third blue tick, just as they can do with the first two.

The scope of this function also draws attention. Information suggests that it will be extended to group conversations. Thus, in a collective debate, everyone would be notified if someone decided to record the screen. The intention is clear: to ensure that participants are aware that their messages are being shared.

Security has been a pillar for WhatsApp, one of the most used social networks globally. Over the years, the application has lived up to the trust of its users with features dedicated to protection and security. privacy.

However, new tools like this, which seek to offer even more transparency, tend to reconfigure the debate about the limits of digital privacy.

It is worth remembering that, recently, the European Union pressured WhatsApp to adapt to its competitiveness standards, which encouraged the application to make it possible to send and receive messages through other platforms, such as Telegram.

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