‘Final Fantasy’: creator uses ‘MONSTRUOUS’ controller to play; look

Renowned game creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, who is revered for his contributions to gaming history, has unveiled a modified Xbox controller that he uses to immerse himself in the world of the much-loved “Final Fantasy XIV“.

Sakaguchi’s revelation

During FanFest, Sakaguchi surprised everyone by showing off his modified controller while playing “Final Fantasy XIV”. Your choice of a control Xbox modified with an extra keyboard brought to light his unwavering dedication to the franchise he helped create.

This unexpected demonstration highlights its commitment to providing an exceptional gaming experience not only for itself, but also for fans of the series.

What makes this revelation even more intriguing is the fact that Sakaguchi removed several buttons from the chatpad of the control keyboard. Its logic is clear: avoid accidental touches that could harm your gameplay during intense moments.

This minimalist approach may seem surprising, especially when coupled with “hardcore control,” but it reveals the meticulous attention the creator puts into optimizing your gaming experience.

A glimpse of modified control

Image: Square Enix/Reproduction

To get a better look at Sakaguchi’s modified control in action, check out the moment he showed off the object during the event. The video, starting at 1:07:30, offers an in-depth look at how he uses his custom control to enjoy the world of “Final Fantasy XIV”.

The reveal of Hironobu Sakaguchi’s modified controller highlights his passion for the “Final Fantasy” series and his dedication to improving gameplay, demonstrating his commitment to an exceptional fan experience.

Game on Xbox

And for fans looking forward to the arrival of “Final Fantasy XIV” on Xbox, there is good news. The game is currently in development for this platform, so we will have an open beta testing period scheduled for early 2024. This is an exciting step forward for the franchise and the gaming community that supports it.

It is important to highlight that “Final Fantasy XIV” was originally released in 2010 and proved to be a success not only on PC, but also on platforms PlayStation (PS4 and PS5). Its longevity and quality are a tribute to the vision and dedication of Hironobu Sakaguchi and everyone involved in creating and maintaining this virtual world.

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The future of “Final Fantasy XIV” on Xbox is promising, and players can eagerly await this new stage in the series’ journey.

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