WhatsApp announces change and users are SHOCKED

O Whatsapp implemented a significant change in its message backup policy, which has directly affected users since last Tuesday (30).

Previously, unlimited storage for these backups was offered for free; Now, these files will take up space on the Google Drivesubject to the platform’s free storage limits.

WhatsApp: application announces changes

According to WhatsApp, in the coming months, when backing up conversations on a device android, it will be carried out within the storage limit of the user’s Google account.

This means that, if the user reaches the free storage limit offered by Google Drive (currently 15GB), this configuration can be carried out by accessing the ‘Settings’ menu, selecting ‘Chats’ and unchecking the videos option in ‘Chat backup ‘.

It is worth noting that the transfer of photos, voice messages, documents and conversations will continue to occur automatically; You will need to free up space or purchase a paid plan to continue performing backups of WhatsApp conversations.

Example of the space occupied by the WhatsApp backup – Image: Android Police/Reproduction

Although WhatsApp said that users would receive notices about this change, some reports indicate that these notices may not have been received by everyone.

Therefore, it is essential that WhatsApp for Android users be aware of the use of free storage space to avoid interruptions in the backups of their conversations.

To minimize the impact of the new policy on backup paid, users can disable backup of videos sent and received on WhatsApp, which can consume a significant amount of storage space.

This can be done by accessing the application settings and unchecking the video backup option in the conversation settings.

Still, it’s important to remember that other forms of media, such as photos, voice messages, and documents, will continue to be automatically stored in backups, requiring users to manage their storage space carefully to avoid interruptions to backups of their WhatsApp conversations.

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