Mobile on the rise: 74% of Brazilian gamers prefer mobile devices

In recent decades, the world has experienced a series of important technological advancements that changed people’s lives in a practically irreversible way.

As a consequence, gamer culture became even more popular, and games also underwent changes. If before you needed a fixed console to enjoy this experience, now you just need a cell phone.

It’s no surprise that an increasing number of companies have invested heavily in creating titles aimed at mobile devices.

According to a study by MindMiners, called ‘Gameverso: Where Everything Is Connected’, the global electronic games industry reached 2024 with annual earnings of US$ 200 billion, and Brazil is established as the tenth largest market in the category, registering a movement of almost R$13 billion in the year.

The explanation for this phenomenon begins with the expansion of the systems through which it is possible to play, highlighting tablets and cell phones.

Around 74% of those interviewed in the survey revealed that mobile resources are their favorite when playing, while computers accounted for 44% and consoles accounted for 43%.

There is also an increasing professionalization of gamers. This can be seen through the popularization of eSports, practices that extend from more traditional players to new generations.

For MindMiners CMO, Danielle Almeida, understanding this scenario is fundamental for brands, since this universe encompasses more and more elements.

This, consequently, is capable of generating a lot of profit for those who know how to take advantage of the phenomenon.

What are the preferences of current gamers?

Most Brazilian gamers prefer smartphones and other mobile devices – Image: Mundo do Marketing/Reproduction

Only 17% of gamers heard in the MindMiners survey revealed interaction with this culture only as spectators, following eSports championships or games.

In other words, the overwhelming majority declared themselves to be active players, but with different consumption habits and profiles.

The data collected also revealed that 48% of this audience usually eats while playing. 45% prefer chocolates and 44% opt for snacks among their favorite alternatives, due to the ease of consuming such items without having to stop a game.

The work highlights something surprising: this community tends to drink more non-alcoholic drinks, preferably those that offer more energy and freshness.

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Therefore, among the favorite options, energy drinks rich in caffeine, soft drinks and coffee itself stand out.

Finally, among the other activities that aficionados of electronic games keep off the screen, the consumption of series stands out (66%), but only 31% of individuals revealed that they identify themselves as fans of this universe.

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