Titanic enigma: bottles remained intact during sinking

Did you know that a few bottles of champagne from Titanic Are they exhibited in museums to this day?

The fact that these objects did not implode during the accident may seem confusing and unlikely at first glance, but the explanation for this apparent contradiction is complex.

To understand this better, it is first necessary to understand the concept of implosion, which differs significantly from explosion.

Different physical phenomena

Implosion occurs when an object or structure collapses suddenly and violently due to the difference in pressure between its interior and exterior.

Unlike an explosion, in which internal pressure is greater than external pressure, implosion results from external pressure exceeding internal pressure.

A recent example of an implosion occurred in 2023 with OceanGate’s Titan submersible, which plunged to a depth beyond what its structure could support. Extreme pressure on the ocean floor caused the submersible to collapse.

Returning to the Titanic, some parts of the ship they actually imploded, like the stern, about 60 meters below the surface.

However, others did not suffer from this, due to the release of air from the inside, balancing the pressure between the inside and outside.

So why did the Titanic bottles remain intact?

The explanation lies in the increase in internal pressure caused by carbon dioxide inside the bottles. As the ship sank, the risk of implosion decreased, as the difference in pressure between the inside and outside reduced.

Champagne bottles, specifically designed to withstand high pressure, became more resilient as they sank.

The resistance of the glass, manufactured to withstand maximum pressure, and the use of heavier bottles, especially for champagne, contributed to the preservation of these items on the ship.

Some of them even have a metal support around the neck, designed to hold the cork in place.

Thus, part of the mystery is unraveled: the Titanic bottles withstood extreme pressure in the depths of the ocean, telling a unique and effervescent story of survival.

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