Spotify and Snapchat launch new feature for sharing music

In an unprecedented collaboration, Spotify and Snapchat launched a resource which promises to transform the way you share your favorite music.

With an augmented reality lens, users can now personalize their songs with immersive visual effects.

Your fully personalized snap

Called ‘Share Track Lens’, the new feature allows users of the Spotify use the Snapchat camera to add a personal touch to shared works.

With this, it is possible to modify appearances and scenarios, bringing a richer and more interactive experience.

The synergy between Spotify and Snapchat creates a bridge between music and visual expression. The user can capture the world around them and easily apply music from Spotify, enriching the sharing experience.

New Snapchat and Spotify functionality promotes personalization – Image: Internet/Reproduction

To take advantage of the new feature, simply update the Spotify and Snapchat apps on your mobile device. Choose a track in the audio stream, access the sharing menu and select the “Snapchat Lens” icon.

Track information is automatically generated, allowing you to create a personalized, shareable Snap.

The innovative feature is now available globally on Android and iOS operating systems, in markets where Spotify and Snapchat are present, including Brazil.

This represents a significant advance in sharing musical content on social networks.

Integration and ease of use

Spotify’s integration with Snapchat reflects the growth in song sharing on social media platforms.

Now, users can put themselves and their friends in the spotlight by personalizing music content in creative and engaging ways.

The partnership between Spotify and Snapchat marks the beginning of a new era in music sharing on social media.

With technologies such as augmented reality, musical expression gains another dimension, making the experience more immersive and personalized. This advance is a clear example of the constant evolution of forms of digital interaction.

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