CONTROVERSY: ‘Magus Bride’ generates controversy due to translation with AI

O manga world was shaken by a recent controversy involving ‘The Ancient Magus Bride’ (‘Mahoutsukai no Yome’, in the original).

After a hiatus and a change of publisher, the announcement that Bushiroad would be using artificial intelligence (AI) translation to release the chapters in English and Japanese simultaneously triggered a series of contradictory reactions.

Controversy in the community

Controversy arose when the series’ official account revealed the partnership with Mantra Corporation for automated translation, seeking to combat the spread of pirated versions.

However, fan response was mostly unfavorable, with many expressing distrust and promising to no longer support official releases.

Controversy surrounding the adoption of AI for translation generates debate about piracy and quality in the manga industry – Image: Wit Studio/Reproduction

The company’s justification generated heated debates. Bushiroad highlighted the need to tackle piracy, pointing out the damage caused to the manga industry and culture.

They claimed that initiatives like this have already demonstrated effectiveness in reducing the losses generated by unofficial versions made available for free on illegal websites.

However, criticisms have emerged regarding the quality of AI translations, raising doubts about their effectiveness and implying a higher cost in editing and reviewing these automated translations.

Comparison with successful initiatives such as Shueisha’s MANGA Plus, which employs professional translators at every stage, reinforced concerns about the approach taken by Bushiroad.

Furthermore, the argument that official availability at any cost would be the solution to piracy was contested, as similar cases, such as ‘Shonen Jump’ chapters, are still leaked before the official release, even with partial migration of the public. for legal platforms.

The discussion also highlighted the complexity of the problem, especially when observing that pirated translations, often created by non-profit fans, emerge before the official release of the chapters. This suggests that the issue goes beyond simple official availability, demanding more comprehensive and effective solutions.

With 19 volumes released and presence in the Brazilian market by publisher Devir, ‘The Ancient Magus Bride’, the story of the characters Chise Hattori and Elias Ainsworth, has gained a solid fan base.

The animation adaptation, including OVAs and a TV series, expanded the reach of the work, making it accessible through platforms such as Crunchyroll, adding more admirers to the fan base.

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The controversy surrounding AI translation continues to raise questions about the effectiveness and impacts of this approach in the fight against piracy, as the manga market seeks solutions to protect its works and satisfy fans in an increasingly digitalized world.

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