Samsung revolutionizes user experience with new subscription plan

Recently, the Samsung surprised its users with an exciting announcement: the introduction of an annual subscription plan, carefully designed to enhance the purchasing experience of its products.

This exciting news offers consumers an innovative way to enjoy Samsung devices, providing several exclusive benefits.

The annual subscription plan has been divided into three distinct categories: Gold, Platinum and Diamond, each of which is designed to meet the different needs of users.

Understanding subscription plans

The Gold category is the most affordable, with a price of just R$99.00 per year. Despite being an economical option, Gold subscribers still enjoy a series of benefits, such as discounts, installment in up to 24 installments on personalized products and shipping, in addition to free delivery of products.

As we move into the Platinum and Diamond categories, the benefits become even more impressive. Samsung is clearly committed to rewarding its loyal user base with an improved experience, making the brand even more captivating.

As for the Platinum category, users will pay R$299.00 annually. Those who opt for this plan will have the opportunity to use a gift card worth R$299. In addition, payment in 24 installments will also be available.

However, the best part is that there will be a monthly 3% discount coupon on all Samsung products.

Finally, the Diamond option requires an annual payment of R$499.00. When subscribing to this plan, the user will receive a gift card equivalent to the monthly fee, an extended warranty, reduced prices compared to conventional prices and a 5% monthly discount coupon.

Payment method

For those interested in subscribing to any of the plans mentioned, it is important to highlight that the Gold option does not offer installments. The full amount must be paid at once.

As for the other versions, there is the possibility of paying in monthly installments, with the option of up to 4 interest-free installments of R$74.75 for the Platinum version and, at most, 8 interest-free installments of R$62.37 for the Diamond version. .

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