Do you agree? ‘Supernatural’ fans’ main frustrations are revealed

The North American series’Supernatural‘ was created by Eric Kripke and produced through a partnership between Warner Bros. Television and Wonderland Sound and Vision.

Since its debut in 2005, the plot has followed two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, respectively.

Its conclusion took place in 2020 and in the plot we see both brothers hunting ghosts, demons, monsters and facing several breathtaking battles against dark beings.

In turn, Eric Kripke developed the idea over almost a decade, initially conceiving it with journalists as protagonists.

The initial proposal was not approved by The WB Television Network, which led to a production overhaul and, later, the approval of the revised version.

Characters from ‘Supernatural’ – Image: Reproduction

As mentioned, the narrative of ‘Supernatural’ follows the trajectory of brothers Dean and Sam Winchester, who, following family tradition, become hunters of supernatural beings, embarking on a life full of displacements.

However, throughout the plot, some mistakes on the part of the production ended up generating frustration among fans; See some events that generate the most disappointment.

‘Supernatural’ fans are disappointed with the series

Immortal characters

One of the points that most displeased fans was the recurrence of characters dying and returning to life throughout the story.

Although in some cases this was tolerable, the production exaggerated, devaluing the true impact of death and the nostalgia it could provide.

Too many angel wars

Battles against angels became a recurring theme in the series, but they reached a saturation point, giving the impression that the writers were unnecessarily extending the plot.

This excessive repetition hindered the exploration of other hunting narratives, resulting in a feeling of monotony for viewers.

Character resurrection

The resurrection of Mary Winchester in the 11th season was another aspect that displeased many fans, considering that it did not add significantly to the plot, contributing to the feeling of monotony and lack of innovation in the season. series.

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Unnecessary prolongation

Although ‘Supernatural’ was successful in the first few seasons by focusing on the central story of Sam and Dean and their hunts, the excessive prolongation of some plots resulted in a narrative that was repetitive, tedious and lacking in purpose.

In this sense, many agree that the series could have ended in a more satisfactory way around the fifth or sixth season.

Sam and Amelia’s case

O romance between Sam and Amelia, explored in season eight through several flashbacks, angered some fans who did not consider this relationship crucial to the plot.

Ultimately, this approach ended up diverting the focus of the narrative to less relevant details.