Myopia: find out if it is possible to prevent it and what to do to avoid making the problem worse

A myopiaan ophthalmological condition that blurs the vision from afar while maintaining clear near vision, has become more prevalent, especially in Argentina since 2017. This increase is attributed not only to genetics, but also to environmental factors and daily habits.

Engaging in activities that utilize close vision and limited exposure to sunlight are identified as catalysts for the development of myopia.

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The situation has become more worrying with the advent of the digital age. The increasing use of electronic devices such as smartphones and computers, the incidence of myopia has increased, especially among children of the technological generation, born between 2002 and 2021.

The scenario is even more worrying, as myopia is not only seen as a refractive disorder, but also as a precursor to more serious eye conditions, such as retinal detachment and glaucoma.

Ways to prevent myopia

Prevention therefore becomes crucial. Education about the importance of vision and the adoption of healthy visual habits are fundamental steps. Some preventative measures include:

1. Outdoor Activities

Practice outdoor activities, as sunlight and long-distance vision have an inhibitory effect on the development of myopia.

2. Suitable reading distance

Maintaining a safe distance when reading or using electronic devices can help reduce eye strain.

3. Regular breaks

Take regular breaks when working or studying to relax your eyes by looking into the distance or out a window.

4. Adequate lighting

Make sure your study or work environment is well lit to reduce eye strain.

5. Annual ophthalmological checkups

Regular exams can help detect and treat myopia early.

6. Limit the use of electronic devices

Reducing the time spent in front of screens can also help prevent the development of myopia.

Although myopia is an irreversible congenital condition, effective management through corrective lenses or surgery can help maintain good vision. Most importantly, prevention and management of myopia is crucial to mitigating risks of future eye complications, reiterating the importance of a proactive approach to eye health.

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