‘God of War Ragnarök’: hilarious video shows game creation bugs

O world of video games often fascinates us with its immersive narratives, stunning graphics and innovative mechanics.

However, behind the grandeur of successful games, there is a complex development process that is often fraught with challenges and, at times, unexpected failures.

Recently, a surprising video gained attention on social media.

It goes behind the scenes of the long-awaited “God of War Ragnarök“, revealing in a fun way the bugs and peculiarities found during its creation process.

‘God of War Ragnarök’: see bugs in the creation process

Image: Reproduction/PlayStation

Sony Santa Monica surprised fans by releasing a peculiar and extremely fun video from the highly anticipated “God of War Ragnarök”.

Titled “Midgard Mishaps 2”, the video offers a hilarious behind-the-scenes look at the game’s development, revealing a series of unusual bugs and errors encountered by the talented developers during the process of creating the epic sequel.

Available on the official PlayStation channel on YouTubethe just over three-minute video quickly became a must-see for fans of the series.

Amid growing expectations surrounding the launch of a new title in the franchise, the revelation of these unexpected flaws brought a relaxed and human look to the rigorous work behind the production of a long-awaited game.

“God of War Ragnarök” is the latest success from the renowned Studio Santa Monica. However, creating a large game like this requires considerable effort to resolve a myriad of issues encountered during development.

In a gesture similar to that made with the previous launch of the franchise, Santa Monica decided to share details of the behind-the-scenes process with the public.

The video reveals a series of bizarre errors, ranging from graphical problems in modeling the characters’ faces to unusual situations, such as deformed characters and collision detection errors.

Among the most memorable moments are funny scenes, such as Thor trying to talk to Kratos while the Leviathan Ax is stuck in his face.

We also have Heimdall interrupting the conversation between Atreus and Odin in a comical way. Check out:

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