Motorola presents flexible smartphone that transforms into a watch

In an expected announcement during the Lenovo Tech World international conference, Lenovo — the parent company of Motorola — presented an innovative concept that could change the way we know foldable smartphones.

The “Adaptive Display Concept”, as it is called, is a revolutionary device that incorporates a flexible screen and a malleable body. This allows the cell phone to become a clock intelligent, among other possibilities.

The future of smartphones has arrived!

The project by Motorola, one of the main participants in the smartphone market, opens up new perspectives for the industry.

With an expansive 6.9-inch screen and hinges that run across the entire body of the device, this concept allows users to shape the phone into different positions according to their needs.

A Motorola promotional video demonstrates the smartphone prototype in action, revealing its incredible versatility.

The device can be easily shaped to take photographs without the need for an additional stand, thanks to its flexible bodywhich allows total control over the shape of the equipment.

Image: Motorola/Reproduction

One of the most interesting features of the “Adaptive Display Concept” is the way the screen responds when the phone is shaped.

When folded, the screen activates only one region to improve practicality of use, deactivating the rest of the display and offering a 4.6-inch area for interaction.

However, the highlight of this concept, and perhaps its most controversial feature, is the device’s ability to transform into a smart watch.

This allows you to create wallpaper themes that match your outfit, as well as display a widget clock to keep users updated with the time.

Look how it looks on your wrist:

Image: ZDNet/Reproduction

Uncertain future

Although the presentation of this concept is exciting, it is not yet clear whether Motorola or Lenovo have concrete plans to launch a foldable smartphone with these features on the market.

In February 2023, the brand presented the Motorola Rizr prototype with a “rollable” screen and stated that it only develops concepts that it plans to launch.

Therefore, as technological innovation continues to advance at a rapid pace, it is possible that devices of this type will undergo improvements in terms of strength, thickness and reliability before reaching the hands of consumers.

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The idea of ​​a smartphone That turns into a watch may seem futuristic, but there’s no doubt that Motorola and Lenovo are sowing the seeds of the next generation of flexible devices.

This ultimately makes us excited to see what the future holds in this exciting field of technology.